Rumble & Hum
Rumble & Hum

Rumble & Hum  


South Africa’s most awarded tattoo artist Lewis “Vudulew” Williams and his expert team cater for the inking and piercing desires of the country’s most elite and wealthy clientele in this new reality and lifestyle series from NV Studios.

Rumble & Hum welcomes a diverse variety of customers, from international Formula One drivers and musicians to motorbike enthusiasts and business professionals.

But this is not just a show about tattoos, it’s a unique insight into the everyday life of Williams, who, as well as being a professional firearms instructor and South Africa’s most renowned E-Sports shoutcaster, is also one of the most controversial characters in the local entertainment scene.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Sub Genre: Arts & Culture, Reality, Entertainment, Documentary

Year of Production: 2016

Running Time: 10 x one hour

Available in HD: Yes

Country: South Africa

Production Company:An NV Studios Production