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1 Mile to You (aka Life at these Speeds)  


We all have those memories. Indelible, perfect memories that make you glow with happiness. Like the way the sun shone off her hair the morning you met her; or the sound of your best friend’s laughter after an inside joke, or your coach’s inspiring speech; or daydreaming with the love of your life about your future together…



2015 / USA

96 Minutes  


Critically acclaimed SXSW Award Winner 96 MINUTES is an intense, edge of your seat thriller about a day in the life of four young people caught up in a terrifying car-jacking.


2011 / 93 minutes

An American Rhapsody  


Margit and Peter, a young upper-class Hungarian couple, are forced to flee a repressive regime in 1951.


2000 / 107 minutes

Another Life  


Another Life is a true story, Set in Edwardian London, it is the colourful and intensely moving account of Edith Thompson, a woman wrongly accused of the murder of her husband, a case which became a major ‘cause celebre’ of its time.


2001 / 90 minutes



‘Wall Street’, ‘Boiler Room’ and ‘Shattered Glass’ come crashing into the Internet Age in this intense, edge-of-your-seat and emotional tale about one man’s fight to keep his dreams alive during the dot-com collapse of 2001.


2007 / USA

Back to Even  


Dennis Boyle and his girlfriend, Kim Phelan have entered into something with the mob. They planted a bomb that killed an Italian mobster and his wife for stealing Boyle’s plates that counterfeit $50 bills.


1998 / 93 Minutes

The Beautiful Country  


Binh (DAMIEN NGUYEN - debut), a young Vietnamese man, makes an extraordinary six-month journey from his village, 300 miles south of Saigon, all the way to a farm in Texas - in search of his long lost GI father (NICK NOLTE - Hulk, Affliction).


2003 / 126 minutes / Norway

The Believer  


’The Believer’ is based on the true story of a Jewish neo-Nazi. By day he gives anti-Semitic speeches, raises money for a neo-fascist movement and plans to bomb synagogues.


2000 / 98 Minutes

Closing The Ring  


Oscar winning Director Richard Attenborough helms a deeply moving love story, beautifully interwoven between present day and World War 2.


2007 / 119 minutes




Abby, an attractive 40-something, wealthy housewife who – after getting smacked in the head by her son’s baseball – walks around every corner of her suburban life to confront a mounting desire for something else, something more. Determined to take on a new project, she buys a pied-à-terre in Manhattan. But walking around the city streets reminds Abby of what it feels like to be sexy and her pent-up libido compels Abby to invent a secret double life that draws her deeply into the world of high-end prostitution for women.


2012 / 96 minutes / USA

Conversations With Other Women  


When a man (Aaron Eckhart) and a woman (Helena Bonham Carter) flirt with each other at a wedding reception, the sexual tension seems spontaneous. As they break from the party to a hotel room, the flirtation turns into a night filled with passion and remorse.


2005 / 84 minutes / USA


Dear Dumb Diary  


With 9 million copies sold worldwide, kids’ favourite series DEAR DUMB DIARY is finally coming to the screen! Featuring cool musical numbers and the series’ trademark sardonic humour, DEAR DUMB DIARY is ‘High School Musical’ meets ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’.




Academy Award ® Winner for Best Foreign Language Film, DEPARTURES is an emotional, inspiring and often amusing story that has all the ingredients of the next ’Life is Beautiful’.


2008 / Japan



David Lurie (Malkovich), a twice-divorced professor in post-apartheid South Africa, finds his life falling apart.


2008 / Australia/South Africa

Driving Lessons  


The Graduate meets Harold And Maude in this rites of passage comedy with yet another dreary school holiday coming around for the shy and downtrodden Ben (RUPERT GRINT).


2005 / 94 minutes / UK

Eichmann Show, The  



In the tradition of ‘Frost/Nixon’ and ‘Goodnight, and Good Luck,’ THE EICHMANN SHOW is an intense, absorbing and unique take on a singular and extraordinary moment in television and political history.



2015 / UK

El Cantante  


Steeped in the colours and culture of Puerto Rico and swept away in the rhythms of Salsa, El Cantante celebrates the life of the legendary singer Héctor Lavoe, exploring the tempestuous relationships with those closest to him and his rapid descent into the murky world of drug abuse.

El Cantante uses Héctor Lavoe’s music and life story to colourfully portray the era of national identity and pride that redefined Latin music in the 1960s and 1970s, taking root in Puerto Rican communities across the U.S


2006 / USA

Fireflies in the Garden  


Returning to his hometown in the Midwest for a family celebration, romantic novelist Michael Taylor is filled with dread and trepidation at the impending reunion. But when he arrives at the family home, Michael is faced with an unimaginable scenario, a devastating car accident that will change everything.


2009 / USA

Fish Tank  


Jury Prize Winner at the Cannes Film Festival 2009.


2009 / 124 minutes / UK

Flashbacks of a Fool  


Brit Joe Scott is living the movie-star dream: a house in the Hollywood hills, beautiful girls at his feet and staff indulging his every whim. When his childhood friend suddenly dies, Joe goes back to England for the funeral.


2008 / UK

The Flying Scotsman  


Based on a remarkable true story, THE FLYING SCOTSMAN is an out-and-out inspirational, against-all-odds, crowd pleasing film, which follows the turbulent life of cyclist Graeme Obree, who broke the World One Hour record on a bike of his own revolutionary design, constructed out of scrap metal and old washing machine parts!


2006 / 96 minutes / UK



The story follows a group of Native Americans who found a young woman left for dead in the Arizona desert and bring her back to life.


2009 / 117 minutes / USA

George Washington  


Set in a small town in North Carolina, George Washington is the story of a tight-knit multiracial group of working-class kids caught in a tragic lie.


2000 / 89 minutes / USA



Conor is a ticket scalper, gambler and, now, Little League baseball coach for a rag-tag team of kids in one of the toughest parts of Chicago.


2000 / 107 Minutes

Heaven or Vegas  


Rachel, a part-time call girl, consumed with fairy tales, is taken off the streets of Las Vegas by Navy, a high-class gigolo in search of a new way of life in Montana.


1997 / 100 Minutes




Equal measures of David Lynch and Terrence Malick, with nods to classics GIANT and THE WIZARD OF OZ, Martin Scorsese protégé and award winning Director Derick Martini brings us an emotive, often funny but compelling story about 13 year old Luli’s life on the road and the extraordinary experiences that will shape her life forever.


2011 / 90 Minutes / USA

Hurly Burly  


Welcome to Eddie’s world. It exists at the very juncture where Hollywood meets the mountains, where the almost-rich and not-yet-famous live on cheap thrills and heady ambition while searching for true love and redemption.


1998 / 124 Minutes

I Am Slave  


From the award winning team behind ‘Death of a President’ and ‘The Last King of Scotland’, and inspired by real life events I AM SLAVE is a controversial thriller about London’s shocking slave trade, and one woman’s fight for freedom…


2010 / 83 minutes / UK

I Love Your Work  


Gray Evans is living in a bubble.  He’s a movie star, married to a movie star.  He fears his fans almost as much as he fears life.  His is a world of sycophants and fake sets, in fact the only contact he has with reality is through the lens of his camera.



2003 / USA

The Informers  


Inspired by a collection of short stories by Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) based on his own experiences of being a twenty-something growing up in Los Angeles.


2008 / USA

Interstate 60  


Neal Oliver is turning 23, an age where everyone should know what they want to do with their life - right?


2000 / 117 Minutes

Jimi: All Is By My Side  


Based on actual interviews and archival materials, JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE brings authenticity and poignantly reveals a Jimi Hendrix behind the legend.


2013 / UK/Irish



Stewart Kane, an Irishman living in the small Australian town of Jindabyne, is on a fishing trip in isolated hill country with 3 other men when they discover the body of a murdered Aborigine girl in the river.


2006 / 119 minutes / Australia

La Prima Linea  


The year is 1989 and a 35 year old man is telling his story from a dark prison cell in Turin.


2009 / Italy



Psychiatrist Valerie Somers disappears one night, and detective Leon Zat is called to investigate, unaware that his wife has been getting advice from Somers because she suspects Zat of cheating on her. Thus follows a web of deceit, lies, and intrigue.


2001 / 121 minutes


Last I Heard  


After spending 20 years in federal prison for a myriad of crimes, the ailing Mafia Capo Joseph 'Mr. Joe' Scoleri (Paul Sorvino) is released. He realizes that the life he knew no longer exists and nothing is the same as it was before he went away.



Last Orders  


Last Orders is a road trip with one urn of ashes and four old friends. Jack Dodds (Michael Caine) was a regular guy, so why the strange "last order" to have his ashes thrown off the pier at Margate?


2001 / 90 minutes

Last Ride  


From the award-winning director Glendyn Ivin (Palme D’Or for Short Film, ‘Cracker Bag’) comes a heartbreakingly tender coming-of-age road movie.


2009 / Australia

London Town   


In 1970's London, a 14-year-old boy is introduced to The Clash by his estranged mother and it changes his life forever.




2016 / UK

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond  


A rebellious socialite defies social conventions for a once-in-a-lifetime shot at true love, only to see her hopes for the future shattered after a priceless diamond vanishes into thin air in this romantic drama adapted from a long-lost Tennessee Williams screenplay.


2008 / USA

Loving Glances  


A beautiful and bittersweet romantic comedy set in besieged Belgrade. 


2003 / 97 minutes / Serbia

The Messenger  


Silver Bear Winner at the Berlinale 2009 for Best Screenplay.
Deauville Grand Prix & Critic’s Prize winner


2008 / 113 minutes / USA

Mondays in the Sun  


A northern Spanish coastal town suffers from its own isolationism as shipyards close down, leaving the labor force scouring the streets for temporary jobs, with only their stubborn pride to show for it.


2002 / 113 minutes

My Summer Of Love  


An intoxicating new film from the award-winning director of LAST RESORT, MY SUMMER OF LOVE is a tale of obsession and the struggle for love and faith in a world where both seem impossible.


2004 / 86 minutes



A beautiful mysterious woman comes into town, with a secret that threatens the status quo of a group of women who run the town Monday through Friday.


1997 / 108 Minutes

The Night We Called It A Day  


A wonderfully crafted comedy drama based on the true story of Frank Sinatra’s uproarious visit to Sydney in 1974.


2003 / 91 minutes / Australia



Extravagant, suspenseful and sensuously beautiful, the mystery behind Rembrandt’s extraordinary infamous painting is perfectly explored by one of the most iconic Directors of our time - Peter Greenaway.


2007 / 134 minutes / Canada, UK, Poland, Netherlands

One More Kiss  


Sam Murray runs a restaurant. He and Sarah grew up together and Sam hoped they’d grow old together.


1999 / 97 minutes / UK



Eugene Onegin is a jaded and disaffected young man who leaves St. Petersburg unexpectedly when he inherits an estate from a wealthy uncle.


1998 / 105 Minutes



Benjamin, a boy bullied for his Jewish faith, takes up boxing as a means of self-defence, alienating himself from his religious community. As an adult his desperation to provide for his family becomes the catalyst for a devastating series of events.



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