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Hard Boiled Sweets  


Ex-con Johnny (WILLIAMS) is forced into pulling a heist he wants nothing to do with. Mob boss ‘Shrewd’ Eddie (FREEMAN) has one million in dirty cash stashed at his home, just waiting to be stolen. But what Johnny doesn’t know is that seven other very dangerous criminals also have plans to steal the money…


2011 / UK



Conor is a ticket scalper, gambler and, now, Little League baseball coach for a rag-tag team of kids in one of the toughest parts of Chicago.


2000 / 107 Minutes


He Who Dares  


‘Die Hard’ meets ‘The Raid’ in the violent action thriller HE WHO DARES


2013 / UK

He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege  


Following his actions in HE WHO DARES, Christopher Lowe is summoned to 10 Downing Street to be dishonourably discharged from the SAS for disobeying a direct order, despite the fact his actions saved the Prime Minister’s only daughter. 

Fight. Kill. Win.


2014 / UK



Max (Sigourney Weaver) and Page (Jennifer Love Hewitt) are a brilliant mother and daughter con team who have their gift down to a fine art.


2002 / 123 minutes



After a 14 year hiatus, cult writer/director Philip Ridley is back with a vengeance with the visually stunning horror/thriller HEARTLESS - a fiercely shocking and intelligent spine-chiller that reinvents the horror genre. Jim Sturgess delivers a career defining performance in this twisted story which is equal parts psychological thriller, desperate romance and terrifying Faustian horror…


2009 / UK

Heaven or Vegas  


Rachel, a part-time call girl, consumed with fairy tales, is taken off the streets of Las Vegas by Navy, a high-class gigolo in search of a new way of life in Montana.


1997 / 100 Minutes

The Hebrew Hammer  


A Jewxploitation spoof in the vein of Shaft and Austin Powers, The Hebrew Hammer is the story of Mordechai, a handsome Orthodox Jew (a.k.a. the Semitic super stud!) hired by the Jewish Justice League after discovering that Santa’s evil son — who has come to run the North Pole after staging a coup with the help of a reindeer, Blitzen — has plans to eradicate Hanukkah.


2003 / 85 minutes

Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam  


Who’s Screwing who?


1995 / 106 minutes / UK/Germany/USA/Canada




Equal measures of David Lynch and Terrence Malick, with nods to classics GIANT and THE WIZARD OF OZ, Martin Scorsese protégé and award winning Director Derick Martini brings us an emotive, often funny but compelling story about 13 year old Luli’s life on the road and the extraordinary experiences that will shape her life forever.


2011 / 90 Minutes / USA


Higher Power  


From the Producer of the ‘Transformers’ franchise,  ‘Salt’, and the ‘G.I. Joe’ franchise, comes an astonishing new Sci-Fi movie.  With mind blowing special effects, and a compelling new character, HIGHER POWER is ‘X-Men’ meets ‘Chronicle’ - the story of a true everyman who risks his life to save his daughter and ends up with powers beyond his wildest imagination.


2016 / USA

His Big White Self  


Broomfield revisits his classic and lethal documentary on the Boer separatist Eugene Terre’Blanche, THE LEADER, HIS DRIVER AND THE DRIVER’S WIFE. This time, he had to go back in disguise, apparently as a character from a Jilly Cooper novel.


2006 / 92 minutes / UK

How to go out on a Date in Queens  


A self-proclaimed dating expert tries to get his best friend, who lost his wife two years earlier, back into the dating scene, with disastrous results


2006 / 90 minutes / USA


The Hunters  


Combining the cracking action, exotic locations, and mystical artefacts of ‘Indiana Jones’ with technological know-how and a modern sensibility, THE HUNTERS is a fresh, cool action-adventure picture for the whole family!


2013 / Canada

Hurly Burly  


Welcome to Eddie’s world. It exists at the very juncture where Hollywood meets the mountains, where the almost-rich and not-yet-famous live on cheap thrills and heady ambition while searching for true love and redemption.


1998 / 124 Minutes

The Hustle  


Maya and Tony are a couple of young grifters. Their usual con is for Maya to lure a businessman from a bar into a hotel suite.


1998 / 99 Minutes

I Am Slave  


From the award winning team behind ‘Death of a President’ and ‘The Last King of Scotland’, and inspired by real life events I AM SLAVE is a controversial thriller about London’s shocking slave trade, and one woman’s fight for freedom…


2010 / 83 minutes / UK

I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale  


John Cazale was in only five films - The Godfather, The Conversation, The Godfather, Part Two, Dog Day Afternoon, and The Deer Hunter - each was nominated for Best Picture. Yet today most people don’t even know his name. I KNEW IT WAS YOU is a fresh tour through movies that defined a generation


2009 / 40 minutes / USA

I Love Your Work  


Gray Evans is living in a bubble.  He’s a movie star, married to a movie star.  He fears his fans almost as much as he fears life.  His is a world of sycophants and fake sets, in fact the only contact he has with reality is through the lens of his camera.



2003 / USA

I’m Reed Fish  


Starring a fantastic hot young cast, this hilarious, charming and sweetly emotional coming-of-age comedy, follows the laid-back, cool (if a little goofy!) Reed Fish, as he learns, through his many mistakes, how to step out of his fathers shadow and discover who he really is...


2005 / USA

In The Dark Half  


THE DARK HALF is a serious, soulful and scary, psychological horror film about a teenage girl’s journey through her own haunted imagination.


2011 / 82 minutes / UK

The Independent  


A notorious B-movie director tries for a comeback by seeking out the film rights to the life story of a serial killer who wants his biography film to be a musical.


2000 / 85 minutes / USA

The Informers  


Inspired by a collection of short stories by Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) based on his own experiences of being a twenty-something growing up in Los Angeles.


2008 / USA

Interstate 60  


Neal Oliver is turning 23, an age where everyone should know what they want to do with their life - right?


2000 / 117 Minutes

Interview with the Assassin  


Unemployed reporter Ron Kobeleski is approached by his dying next door neighbor, Walter Ohlinger, with the shocking revelation that he was the mystery second gunman in the assassination of JFK.


2002 / 86 minutes / USA



A Medieval ‘Magnificent Seven’, that combines the visceral, stylized action of ‘300’ with the impassioned heroism and romance of ‘Braveheart’, IRONCLAD is an ultra-violent action thriller that tells the true story of a motley crew of tough, battle...


2009 / UK


Ironclad: Battle For Blood  


Brace yourselves for another brutal battle, as one of the few survivors of the Great Siege of Rochester Castle fights to protect his family’s estate from fierce Celtic raiders. With a new battleground and a new enemy, IRONCLAD: BATTLE FOR BLOOD promises to deliver the same ferocious, adrenaline-filled action and gory kills that defined IRONCLAD.



Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman  


Jack, the chiller killer is back and he’s mad as hell.


2000 / 91 minutes / USA

Jane Doe  


Jane Doe (Teri Hatcher) is just a normal mom whose life is about to turn into a nightmare. When her son Michael (Trevor Blumas) is kidnapped she is given mysterious instructions which she must follow or her son will die.


2001 / 87 minutes



Janis Joplin was one of the world’s most influential rock icons and a goddess of sound, but there was far more to her than that.  Academy® Award nominated director Amy Berg strips away Janis’ rock ‘n roll persona to reveal the gentle, trusting, sensitive, but powerful woman behind the legend, in the quintessential story of the short, turbulent, and epic existence that changed music forever.


2015 / USA

Jimi: All Is By My Side  


Based on actual interviews and archival materials, JIMI: ALL IS BY MY SIDE brings authenticity and poignantly reveals a Jimi Hendrix behind the legend.


2013 / UK/Irish



Stewart Kane, an Irishman living in the small Australian town of Jindabyne, is on a fishing trip in isolated hill country with 3 other men when they discover the body of a murdered Aborigine girl in the river.


2006 / 119 minutes / Australia

Juvenile Liaison II  


The sequel reacquaints us with the lives of the children and officers, examining the scars left by the stark events of "Juvenile Liaison".


1990 / 87 minutes / UK

The Killing Room  


From the Director of the hit prequel ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning’ and the writer of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, THE KILLING ROOM blends the thrilling mental edge of ‘Panic Room’ and ‘The Game’ with the intensity of ‘Memento’. Fast-paced, claustrophobic and full of twists and turns, this unrelenting psychological thriller will keep you pinned to you seat.


2007 / USA

The King  


In this powerful and dramatic thriller about betrayal and bitter revenge, a handsome young US Marine called Elvis (GAEL GARCIA BERNAL - The Motorcycle Diaries, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Amores Perros) returns to his Preacher father’s sleepy hometown dreaming for some kind of reconciliation - having been abandoned by the man as a child.


2005 / USA



Filmed over 12 years, Sundance favorite KNUCKLE is a no-holds-barred and extraordinarily brutal glimpse into the world of Irish bare knuckle fighting.


2011 / 93 minutes / Ireland

Kurt & Courtney  


Beginning as an observation of the music of Kurt Cobain and his Seattle/Portland contemporaries, Kurt and Courtney took a different turn when Courtney Love intervened.


1997 / 95 minutes / UK

La Prima Linea  


The year is 1989 and a 35 year old man is telling his story from a dark prison cell in Turin.


2009 / Italy



Psychiatrist Valerie Somers disappears one night, and detective Leon Zat is called to investigate, unaware that his wife has been getting advice from Somers because she suspects Zat of cheating on her. Thus follows a web of deceit, lies, and intrigue.


2001 / 121 minutes


The Last Gladiators  


Academy Award® winning director Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side, Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God) takes an unprecedented look at the career and legacy of one of sport’s greatest legends, ice hockey star Chris “Knuckles” Nilan, in this poignant and inspirational film.


2012 / 95 minutes

The Last Great Wilderness  


Charlie is on a stupid mission of revenge against the pop star boyfriend who stole his wife. Vincente is on the run, trying to get away from the country to escape a contract castration ordered by the man who caught him in bed with his wife.


Last I Heard  


After spending 20 years in federal prison for a myriad of crimes, the ailing Mafia Capo Joseph 'Mr. Joe' Scoleri (Paul Sorvino) is released. He realizes that the life he knew no longer exists and nothing is the same as it was before he went away.



Last Orders  


Last Orders is a road trip with one urn of ashes and four old friends. Jack Dodds (Michael Caine) was a regular guy, so why the strange "last order" to have his ashes thrown off the pier at Margate?


2001 / 90 minutes

Last Ride  


From the award-winning director Glendyn Ivin (Palme D’Or for Short Film, ‘Cracker Bag’) comes a heartbreakingly tender coming-of-age road movie.


2009 / Australia

The Leader, His Driver and the Driver’s Wife  


From the award-winning Director, THE LEADER, HIS DRIVER AND THE DRIVER’S WIFE portrays the sinister and comic sides of Eugene Terre‘Blanche, leader of the neo-Nazi AWB Afrikaner Party in South Africa.


1990 / 85 minutes / UK

Legend of the Mummy  


From Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula comes another thrilling tale of an ancient Queen, her awakening spirit and relentless obsession to live.


1998 / 96 Minutes

Legion of Brothers  


World Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2017.

Drawing on unprecedented access to US special forces, LEGION OF BROTHERS explores the nature and impact of nearly 15 years of constant combat since 2001 by focusing on the original foot soldiers in the war on terror: the small teams of Green Berets sent on secret missions into Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 to overthrow the Taliban. 


2017 / USA

Leon The Pig Farmer  


A Jewish Londoner embarks on a journey to find himself after learning some shocking news about his past in this multi-award winning, eccentric British comedy.


1992 / 98 minutes / UK



A ship carrying prisoners to a remote island prison sinks and the shipwrecked survivors wash up on a tiny island that harbours a lighthouse.


1999 / 95 minutes

Living Goddess  


From the producers of David LaChapelle’s “Rize“ and with a remarkable soundtrack by Nitin Sawnhey, LIVING GODDESS offers a rich and gorgeously photographed view of a Nepalese world where, according to Hindu/ Buddhist tradition, three young girls are worshipped as living goddesses.


2008 / 89 minutes / UK

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